Structure of AIDSF


We have various dance clubs in a district. These clubs are represented in and constitute the District Association. The District Associations are the members of the State Association. The State Associations constitute the All India DanceSport Federation (AIDSF). The All India DanceSport Federation (AIDSF) is the governing body of DanceSport in India. The All India Dance Sport Federation (AIDSF) is the member of the International DanceSport Federation (IDSF)

Dancers are registered with a club. The clubs are registered with the District Associations. The District Associations are registered with the State Association. The State Associations are registered with the All India DanceSport Federation. The All India Dance Sport Federation is registered with the International DanceSport Federation.

AIDSF is managed by an administrative committee consisted of a President, a senior Vice President, two Vice-Presidents, a Secretary General, two Joint Secretaries, a Treasurer, and six Executive Committee Members.

There are various levels of competition that are held. They are

Club Level - Where a club conducts a club level competition amongst dancers of the club.

State Level - Where a State Association (usually clubs take turns to help in organizing) conducts a state level competition where only dancers of District Associations and Clubs registered with it are eligible to participate.

All India Invitational Competition - Where a State Association (various clubs help in organizing) organizes an All India Invitational Competition where dancers of all State Associations / District Associations / Clubs of the country are invited to participate in the competition. There is no limit on the number of dancers who can represent a state. Hence, it is an open All India Level competition where dancers from allover India are eligible to participate provided they are members of their respective clubs and associations.

National Level -The National DanceSport Championship is the most prestigious competition in the country. This is conducted by the All India DanceSport Federation (AIDSF) and each year a different state hosts the Nationals. All State Associations are represented by their best dancers. Each State Association is entitled to a maximum of 2 entries per event. The State Associations select 2 of their best dancers in each event based on the State Level competition conducted by them. This State Level competition is usually held not more than a month before the Nationals. Only dancers selected by their State Association are eligible to participate and it is not invitational like the All India event.

Selection Trials for the Asian and World Championships -The other prestigious event is the Selections Trials for the Asian and World Championships conducted by the AIDSF. The Asian and World Championships are held every year. It is every dancer dream to participate in the Asian and World Championships. But only the National DanceSport Championship medal winners are privileged and honored to be invited by the AIDSF to participate in the Selection Trials. The dancers attend a preliminary training camp and consequently the trials are held. The selected dancers then attend a National Training Camp conducted by the AIDSF where training is imparted by both Indian and foreign coaches. The camp is usually for a month. The dancers then go on to participate at the Asian or World Championships and bring laurels to the country.